Dear Ex-Bestfriend,

You’re a badass. There was always something about you that I low key wanted to emulate. There is some thing (or a few) about each and every one of my friends that I really admire and hope for in my own life. 

You especially, are someone I wish I was as cool as. I’ve always wanted to not give a fuck in the way you do. 

Slowly but surely I am becoming every bit as much of a badass as I saw you as. You’d probably be hype about my septum piercing, and some of the boys I’ve talked to.  I had a nose stud too, I had to let it heal up but I plan to get it back. 

I’m doing a lot of big things all the time. Every once in a while I think about how you’d react to a lot of them. Sometimes it’s hard because it feels like you’re the only one who would understand how funny I think certain things are, or why I get so bad about certain things. It’s sad because you were truly more of a sister than a friend. 

You were a sister who would probably have your opinions about me being a sorority woman, a sister who would probably think my music taste has become trash. You were someone I could call literally at any time of day and get an immediate response from. 

I guess I kinda miss you. I hope you’re doing well, and are on your way to becoming everything you want to be in life. I’ll always be cheering you on, and would still risk going to jail for you if the circumstances called for it.

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