Don’t get stuck

Currently binge-watching Once Upon A Time (even though I know damn well I should be in bed because I have work in the morning) and of course, I’m drawing parallels between my life and the lives of the characters.

There are a lot of layers to the show, but one key thing about the town it is set in is that no one can leave, and most never really want to apparently.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about being stuck in a town is a song by A Day to Remember called “All Signs Point to Lauderdale”. The chorus literally starts with “I hate this town”.

It’s a great song to rock out to, to be honest. But yeah, so, I don’t hate my town but it’s not my favorite.

A lot of people never leave this place. I do not intend to be one of those people. That’s one of the main reasons I work so hard a stress so much. I don’t want to be stuck here.

I don’t ever want to be stuck in any sense. Being stagnant just isn’t good for the soul. There’s too much in the world to see and do to let my life be confined to one town or even one state.

I’ve been on this up and down sorta thing all summer trying to figure my life out, looking for motivation, purpose etc.

I don’t have shit figured out yet, but I do know I’m not tryna be stuck.

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