My birthday came and went, nothing much to talk about. I’m 22 now, and unlike Taylor Swift at my age, I don’t feel it.

I feel like a whole child who was just thrust into the adulting world, even though I’ve known for months that this is where I would end up.

Lots of people comment on how students like me go straight into their graduate studies in order to avoid the “real-world” and adulting.

I’m not really sure what the fuck those people know about graduate studies, but this shit ain’t no joke.

I haven’t even attended my first class and I am stressed beyond measure #yayadulting.

I just mapped out my projected schedule, and holy moly it’s daunting. Technically I’m in class or at work for only a grand total of 29 hours a week, but anyone who knows the struggle knows that much more than 29 hours of my life will be consumed by work and school on a weekly basis.

I mean, that 29 hours doesn’t encompass all of the readings I’m going to have to trudge through or the papers I am going to have to write.

I’m currently scheduling my social life in an attempt to not isolate myself and let everything consume me.

I have no complaints though, I am blessed to have two jobs and be studying. I love having a busy schedule.  There are always challenges along the way, but, figuring shit out is what I do best. I am ready for the challenge.

I am also just really excited because I will be working with and learning from some pretty dope minds. So like actually #yay.

My mood for this entire year is going to be #yay, and that’s because one of my rules for this year is that I always choose joy. Generally, whenever I am feeling down I try to pick myself up and choose joy, but this year we’re gonna have more great days than down ones and that’s that.


One thought on “#yay

  1. Anonymous

    Yay!!! Next week!!And yay for being on maternity leave a little early. 😉 Don”t over do it, though!! I”m so excited for you and to hear all about new baby boy!


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