She’s baccckkk

Went to the first concert I’ve been to since high school the other night, and I’m not gonna lie, it was magical.

There’s something about singing along with 16,000 other people that sorta gives you those Disney World vibes.

At the end of the concert, Drake talked about how people coming together to enjoy life regardless of their differences is what life should be about.

He’s not wrong, it’s amazing how the power of some things can really make you forget about all your worries. But..

Everyday I wake up and go about my day and am in some way reminded that I am different from other people. Yesterday, in my Latinos in U.S. education class, a question was posed basically asking if Latino students still face being stereotyped by educators etc.

We sure fucking do, which is why I love this Latinos in U.S. Ed class so much. The professor is a Puerto Rican man from New York who grew up poor and now works on changing the way the educational system functions for Latinos. He’s essentially what I wanna be when I grow up, and I didn’t realize that until I sat through his class yesterday. For the first time in ever, I am super fucking excited about a course.

There are so many elements of the course that I love, but I guess what I love most is that it feels like home. My home is only an hour and ten minute drive from here, and I’m not really the type to get homesick anymore, in fact, this class has felt more like home than my real home has in a while.

I think what’s most exciting is that it is a space in which I have some insider knowledge, but am also still learning so much more. Like, I can’t believe I didn’t know that Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash while attempting to do some great humanitarian work. May seem like a random fact, and not at all connected to my interests, but it’s one of those facts that actually sparks my interests further and creates new ones.

I love learning about myself (not in a cocky way I promise). I love learning the things they don’t teach you in school, that I can actually one day maybe convince people to teach in schools.

I have found a space in which my worries really do dissipate, and not because we sit in class singing together and trying to focus on the positives instead of on our differences and problems. It’s because it’s a space in which all of my problems, issues, inner conflicts over my identity etc feel validated.

The Raging Latina is back y’all, in full force, and she’s ready to change the world. So maybe one day people wont gather and have joy in spite of their differences, but because of them.

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