Life is a movie

Sometimes it’s a horror film, other times it’s a drama,but the one genre my life never seems to implore is romance. Like sometimes, it comes close to being a romantic comedy. It only comes close because generally those end with flourishing romance.

Nah, your girl couldn’t even really tell you what a romantic date is.

I scare boys. I just came to this conclusion.

Well not really, I’ve always felt like I intimidate them for a bunch of reasons, but at this point in my life I scare boys because I am everything they need.

That sounds cocky, but it’s true. I spent a long time thinking boys didn’t like me because I wasn’t attractive, and the boys who did like me were only attracted to me for certain things that they’d use me for and then toss me.

I’m realizing now that boys don’t make moves because they recognize that I am gf/wifey material. They can’t handle that yet.

Bro I don’t know what’s happening, but right now through various conversations with people I’m really done with life’s romance shenanigans. I don’t got the time. I’m a whole blessing to this earth, anyone who can’t see that isn’t for me.

That’s that.

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